Консультативный совет

Мартен ван ден Берг

член совета

Мартен ван ден Берг (Marten van den Berg), член совета
Родился 19 октября 1961 г. в Гааге, Нидерланды.
Окончил экономический факультет Университета Эразмуса в Роттердаме, Нидерланды.
С сентября 2004 г. занимает должность Заместителя генерального директора по международным экономическим отношениям в министерстве экономики, сельского хозяйства и инноваций.
Ранее занимаемые должности: различные управляющие должности в министерстве экономики, сельского хозяйства и инноваций (с 1988 г.); с 2001 – 2004 гг. – глава экономической секции посольства Нидерландов в г. Вашингтоне, округ Колумбия.

Marcel Kramer

Member, chairman

Marcel Kramer acts as independent advisor and Senior Counsel to Gazprom Management, primarily on the South Stream Project and European Affairs. He was CEO of the South Stream pipeline project company (offshore section) in Zug, Switzerland and later in Amsterdam from September 2010 till July 2013.

Mr Kramer’s career began in the mid-70s when, after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Private and Corporate Law, he joined the Department of Oil & Coal at the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands.
From 1979 Mr. Kramer held a number of international energy-related positions. He worked in the Secretary General’s Office at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. Subsequently he led the Oil Industry Division at the International Energy Agency in Paris, publishing the IEA’s Monthly Oil Market Report. His next move (1988) was to Canada, where he spent almost 4 years in Calgary as Director of Crude Oil Supply and Trading in Petro-Canada.
In 1992 he returned to Europe to work for Statoil, which saw him take up several key management positions in Norway, Bangkok, Singapore and Caracas. In 2003, Mr Kramer joined Gasunie in The Netherlands and he was appointed Chairman and CEO in 2005.