Dear visitor/reader,

It is my pleasure as Executive Director PDG to present to you in brief the concept of business cooperation for which purpose the Foundation Project Delta Group (‘PDG’) was established.

Securing present and future production and supplies of oil and gas requires massive capital investments and continual development and innovation of the enabling technologies and methodologies.
For the Netherlands and the Russian Federation, as two principal producers and suppliers of energy, sustainable development of the energy sector and supporting business sectors have since long been national top priorities.
Undertaking large scale projects in the energy sector typically demands extensive cooperation of multiple parties to manage their size, their technological and process complexities, their inter-linkages with communities, and their impacts on the natural environment. In this cooperation the contributions of, both, private industry and governments are essential to align the respective interests of stakeholders and to bundle their complementary roles and capabilities in securing the sanction, planning, and the successful execution of sustainable developments.

In building their respective energy sectors, The Netherlands and The Russian Federation, both have developed great strengths of know-how and capabilities. These offer prospective complementary basis for business cooperation in jointly developing energy sector projects and supporting high-tech industries.

During the visit on 7 November 2007 of the Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the parties in the inter-governmental and business delegations programme reviewed opportunities of joint energy sector developments as one of the principal priorities of bi-lateral economic cooperation. The parties expressed strong commitments towards exploring opportunities for expanding further the already strong economic ties between the two countries and their respective business partners.

A proposal for cooperation presented from the Dutch side focused on future developments of the vast resources of hydrocarbons present in the subsurface of the Yamal Peninsula and the bordering Kara Sea. A region of deltaic lowlands and bordering shelf seas, in which the extensive Russian and Dutch complementary knowhow and capabilities could be bundled in developing and operating onshore, coastal, and offshore fields and supporting infrastructures.
Following this vision, the Project Delta Group Foundation was vested in October 2009 as an open collective of Dutch companies and institutes that are among the most capable and experienced to help design, build and operate fields and infrastructures in this technologically, economically, and ecologically demanding arctic region.

Subsequently, JSC Gazprom and the Project Delta Group Foundation, with firm backing of the Russian and Dutch States authorities, have signed on 18 June 2010 the Agreement on Strategic Cooperation (ASC) as a broad-based foundation for energy sector cooperation.

It is our firm believe and expectation that our strategic partnership will prove to be a very successful one.
One which over time will make valuable and long-lasting contributions to sustainable production, transportation and supply of energy, and to supporting developments in connected industries.

Through this website of the Project Delta Group Foundation, we look forward to keeping you informed about the results of shaping and implementing this ambitious cooperation with our Russian strategic partners.

Project Delta Group Foundation
Bert Panman Executive Director