Project Delta Group Foundation

The war in Ukraine has eliminated the basis for trade promotion activities between Project Delta Group (PDG) and Gazprom in particular. The formal relationship between Gazprom and PDG had already ended in the middle of last year and there is now obviously no reason to try to renew it. We sympathise with all those who have been affected by these tragic events.

The Project Delta Group Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, in private-public partnership, promote international cooperation and trade to contribute to sustainable production and supply of energy.

For centuries already, the Dutch use ‘world-class’ skills and know-how succesfully in capturing opportunities and richnesses offered by land, by sea, and by both their natural resources. ‘Dutch Mastery’ canvasses broad spectra of leading technologies and business capabilities, critical to production, transportation and supply of energy, and to the construction and operation of supporting infrastructures.